Reply profiles not updating the same as original post

  • Title: Replys not updating the same as original post

  • Description: lets say i make a post, and someone reply’s to it, if i then change my profile (avatar, display name, etc…) the original post updates correctly but the reply doesn’t

  • Screenshots:
    Original Post
    Reply Post

  • Steps to reproduce:
    Make a post, reply to it, and view the profile of the OP in the reply

I know this isn’t a very big issue, i just kinda wanted to contribute to the Dev Forum in any way possible, considering how much is has helped me. :slight_smile:


Could you describe the intended behaviour, or maybe highlight the issue? I don’t see any issues with the screenshot you’ve attached.
Also, if you want your username/display name to update log in and out of your account and it’ll refresh


There’s a low priority background job that runs once every so often on the forum that fixes these kind of inconsistencies.

The issue self-resolved:

We are not interested in making any custom changes here from the default Discourse setup, it’s not super critical that these are updated as soon as possible. Users do not often change their avatar significantly.