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It’s worth mentioning as well that the “Advanced” mode is not present at all on mobile. Here’s a few screenshots showing a few places I checked:

Images showcasing the lack of an Advanced mode.

On the web client, the button would be placed at the bottom of your accessories, but the only thing past my accessories is recommended accessories.

Here I checked the top just to make sure that I just wasn’t blind and missed it

And here I scrolled the top bar all the way to the right just to make sure that it wasn’t all the way at the end.

It’s difficult enough to make more intricate avatars on PC with the Advanced button being placed all the way at the bottom. But on mobile, making something like what I’m wearing in the image below is flat out impossible and makes the app even less appealing to use if I’m away from my computer.

If we’re going with the proposed toggle, why not place it where the robux is now? There’s no point in the player seeing their robux when they’re customizing their character, especially if they already have the accessories they need to make a specific character. If that doesn’t work, why not show how many accessories the user has equipped in an [x/10] format? Both of these would make more sense than having robux displayed where it is currently.

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