"Report Abuse" categories are unhelpful

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to determine the correct category to file a report under for a Roblox asset, user, or experience via the ‘report abuse’ feature on the website. This is due to how the options for ‘categories’ are presented to the end-user:

The above screenshot was taken from a Roblox group for reporting the ‘name, icon or description’

Let’s jump into the issues:

  1. Irrelevant options: First of all, a few options in this screenshot are entirely irrelevant and unhelpful given the context that this is reporting a group. The group in itself cannot possibly have ‘inaccurate age-guidelines’, as groups do not have attached age-guidelines; nor could the group be ‘exploiting or cheating’ (members of the group may be exploiters although the name or icon of the group, which is what we are reporting, could not possibly be). ‘Scamming’ makes sense in this case, but that should be covered by ‘account theft’ instead. The current irrelevant options create un-needed clutter and a few extra options I must read through each-time I report something despite them having no relevance to the asset type I wish to report.

  2. Vague options: Some options listed are quite vague; for example, ‘dating’. Would a user posting romantic content be considered ‘dating’, or would that fall under a different category? Another offender of this is the ‘Inappropriate Content - Place, Image, Model’ category, what about if I’m reporting an audio, mesh, or entire experience; these are not listed within this option however are certainly similar to the asset types listed, do these similar asset types qualify under this report option?

  3. All-encompassing categories: This is the biggest sin of the ‘report abuse’ form in my opinion. Many options simply cover way too many different cases. I’m specifically referring to ‘Inappropriate Content - Place, Image, Model’. This invalidates literally every other option on the page if what you are reporting is a game, image, or model. Because of some of these categories being broad, many offences qualify under multiple categories. For example, a romantic slur in a Roblox place qualifies for the following report options:

  • Inappropriate Language - Profanity & Adult Content (slur)
  • Dating (romantic)
  • Inappropriate Content - Place, Image, Model (happening in a place)
  • Inaccurate Age Guidelines (e.g. blood, violence) (romantic, 17+)

The ‘report abuse’ page currently expects me to choose only one option out of that list despite the fact that all 4 of those rules were breached… This increases the time required for me to select an option as I must decide which option is the best one for me to report under.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to better understand the correct option to file my report under immediately, therefore saving time creating reports.


press “other rule violation” and tell what rules have been broken, I even had the same issue before but hooksmith gave a similar idea

also the report button doesn’t work in all cases (before you reply with “the report button works, don’t spread misinformation” or something, the report button works for some people, but not to others)

If you read the post, TL;DR: Rule violations or vague. This isn’t about having enough options.

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