Report Abuse does not work against spam accounts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to send ACTUAL account reports to moderation.

I have reported the same spam account since early summer that has been spamming my group every single day and rejoining. Guess what has happened after almost 5 months of daily reporting? You guessed it, NOTHING. Why is it so hard for the Report Abuse system to work for bigger developers. My group has over 350,000 members and yet I can’t get rid of this spam bot. If reporting this account for spam links for over 5 months does nothing, then its CLEAR the Report Abuse system clearly does nothing. Who do I message to have the account banned? Oh right, nobody… because all staff replies back with is “Use the Report Abuse button”. Do I really have to shutdown both my LARGE group walls because of a daily spam account that won’t get banned?

It also doesn’t help that Roblox magically REMOVED the spam prevention filter that was actually working earlier this year against bots on my groups…

This happens every day and I’m sick and tired of having to kick and delete post from this spam account when it should have been banned MONTHS ago. I hate making rant post but this is seriously getting on my nerves now how nobody can delete this account after this long. This goes for other link spamming bots and accounts as well. If Roblox can give merch to qualified developers then they can allow us to also send Report Abuse reports to the top of moderation to be seen by an actual human.


Sent a message to moderation and no surprise I get back the same response as always…

This is severely annoying that I can’t get a spam bot account banned…


The bot is still joining and spamming all my groups daily no matter how many times I report or email moderation. This is a complete joke that I can’t get a bot account banned after this long on a 360,000+ member group.


The Jennyphotoshop account has barely been spamming my groups now, but guess what! Two new accounts with only these accounts on their friend list are now spamming my groups. So now I have 3x the amount of spammers on my groups and still no way to get rid of them :neutral_face:

DMing mods on discord and dev forums doesn’t get a single reply

Report Abuse has done nothing over months and months

Emailing moderation has gotten back a generic reply



If the mods accepted reports from people on the Discord and DevForum, there would be so many reports in their inbox that you could dedicate a few people to reading them. The report abuse feature works to moderate people who are reported by multiple users and reporting them multiple times yourself will do absolutely no good compared to just reporting them one time yourself. Instead of trying to get rid of the users, try to stop the users from causing harm in the first place. It takes a few seconds for someone to make an account, the effort to get them deleted isn’t worth it because they’ll just come back later. If you implement a system where a bot has to “verify” a user to get a role that gives them group wall permissions, that will decrease the amount of spam on your wall. If they get through certain restrictions you put in place you can simply implement a blacklist system that will allow you to stop them in the time it takes them to make another account. I have found this useful in cases of Discord users creating bots to spam servers, and once you stop them from joining or having the ability to spam, they will likely give up since they can dedicate their time to another group without these protections.

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I shouldn’t have to do this if Report Abuse did it’s function properly.


This group is making even more accounts to spam my group with “free robux” and a link to their group…

Why does Report Abuse not take into account links or words like “free Robux”. I shouldnt have to deal with this issue if moderation worked properly.

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The problem is they are bypassing the filter, if the filter doesn’t pick it up you should not expect a report feature to pick it up. My point is even if the Report Abuse feature did work, they could scale it to make like 10 accounts every 5 seconds and send 10 messages on your group wall in under a minute. You cannot possibly report them that fast 24/7, so it’s better to solve the underlying issue of groups being vulnerable to these attacks rather than one of the solutions not working correctly. A new solution should be put in place or created by yourself rather than fixing the solution that will never fully work.

I shouldn’t have to come up with a whole system for my group just because 1 group is spamming my groups. As a developer I should be able to have my reports noticed by moderation and the group moderated. That’s the whole point of a Feature Request.

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I’m simply suggesting what you can do in the mean time as these features cannot be made easily. It takes a little while to develop and plan something to solve these issues, and then release it to production if that ever happens. You should also not focus so much on the report system as that’s typically a last resort, and maybe request more protections to be put in place. An example would be a feature to ban users from your group or implement a screening process in which you can limit the account age or another factor in order to be able to comment on the group wall.

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It would be great if group owners had the ability to create a list of blocked phrases for their group wall and assign that additional chat filter to specific group ranks.

Simply being able to ban the phrase “” would eliminate most of the existing group self-promotion spam that is generated everyday.


Good news on this post, the group is still getting spammed almost 2 years later but the spam accounts are getting deleted very quickly! Thank you Roblox!