Report abuse/api

Hi, I know this is like a really dumb question but is it possible to somehow access the Roblox coregui report menu? Is there a report API I can use if that is the case? I’m working on a custom playerlist and really am hoping to have the report abuse feature or something similar to it on my playerlist.

After quickly looking thru the engine API,

I’ve come to the conclusion that only 2 methods exist.
docs/reference/engine/classes/Players#ReportAbuse and
The only problem being is that they’re secured, meaning that only the Roblox client can use this function, not any scripts. (As noted in the description of the ReportAbuse method).

But this is the direct impossible way, there might be another sneaky way that I do not know about. Good luck on searching if it is there.


maybe get the reports and send it thru a guilded server (via HttpService and Guilded Webhooks)

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No, you misunderstood what I meant. I am talking about physically reporting a player within the roblox api but like Astrid said above it’s not possible due to security reasons.

I don’t believe this exists for security reasons such as people making games that just mass report you