Roblox to Guilded Webhook API Tutorial

Since Discord has once again blocked Roblox webhooks, I thought it would be a good idea to make a tutorial so you can start using Guilded to send webhooks. This is a tutorial on using the Guilded webhook API, you should not use webhooks for mass logging and you should always read the TOS before using this.

For this you will need a Guilded account, you can create one here:

Task One: Creating the webhook

Once you have signed up or logged in, you will notice that you already have a server created by default. You can use this one or make a new one.

Click on your server icon on the left, and then click on the drop-down arrow, and select settings.


From there you will notice a list of buttons on the left, select Webhooks.

Click on Create a webhook
You can select the channel you want the webhook to post in, and change the name and icon.

Copy the webhook link, and click create.
It is advised you do not share this link to anyone as with it they can post unwanted webhooks into your channel

Task Two: Using the webhook in your game

If your game already has a Discord webhook setup you can just switch out the link and it will work as Guilded supports the Discord Webook API.

Make sure you have enable HTTP Requests in your game, you can do this by going to Game Settings > Security.

Make a server script in your game and post the below code inside. You will need to adjust the text and the location of the code to match your game.

Please be advised this code is only to be used as an example, it is highly recommended if you need to send multiple webhooks then you should rate-limit the amount of webhooks you send in accordance to Guilded TOS.

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local Data = {
	["embeds"] = {
			title = "Webhook",
			description = "I am a webhook",
			footer = {
				text = "This is a footer"

Data = HttpService:JSONEncode(Data)

local Request
	Request = HttpService:PostAsync("URL_HERE", Data)

Make sure you post the URL you copied into the “URL_HERE” string.


You can find more information on the webhook API here:


It’s a good tutorial but a bit lacking. There’s no info on why Discord blocked webhooks and you should probably add a rate limiter to your programming as abusing the webhooks in a way that people do with Discord webhooks had gotten Roblox blacklisted in the past.


There is no public reason to why it is blocked, I’m not going to speculate on this post. As for rate limiting, the example posts one webhook, not multiple. This tutorial shows how to post a webhook, not how to rate limit it. That’s up to the user to do however I’ve added a disclaimer for this.


You are part of the reason Discord banned roblox.

Do not do the same for guilded.

This type of thing is not allowed period.


If you managed to read the post, you will notice it says it’s an example. I don’t use guilded for logging, the naming terminology was merely an example. My example shows how to log ONCE, not spam it multiple times.

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It has been publicly disclosed why when roblox domains got blocked the first time.

It is still a good practice to rate limit especially with purchase logs like you were showing. Once a game gets popular, that end point will reach the allowed threshold and put the account at risk.


That’s besides the point. You’re emphasizing logging in your post whether you personally do it or not. That’s misleading and does not need to be here.

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The picture has been updated with a different name. This post doesn’t show you how to make a logging webhook, it shows you how to post a webhook to Guilded. I am not endorsing logging so I’d appreciate it if you stop trying to put words into my mouth. Please re-read the post. Thanks


That’s the first time, not the second time. Once again I’m not going to speculate.

This tutorial shows how to utilise the Guilded API, users should follow the TOS accordingly as previously stated.


i have a question about webhooks!
If someone were to look through my scripts, could they find my Webhook URL and hack it, sending images and text to the Guilded server?

Technically yes, but you should only be storing the webhook URL on the server, so exploiters won’t be able to see it.


The reason why is because %50 of the webhooks requests are backdoor’s game loggers LOL

edit: also if you wanna bypass this just go to repl and make a proxy for the webhook with the webhook in the “secrets” area and you should be good.

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I doubt that Guilded will ever ban Roblox since it’s literally owned by Roblox.

Article by Roblox


Not if they lose too much money being biased towards Roblox. Let’s not forget that Roblox also takes a cut of their revenue as part of their investment into Guilded.


Thank you!! This is really useful!!