"Report Bug" button is missing

“Report Bug” button is missing, and came back after hours, which I want to report incase it happens again.

Reproduction Steps:
Go the Creator Dashboard
Click “Forum” button, and then once devforum opens, “Report Bug” is missing

This is more of “lets document it and if y’all find a fix, then let’s go ahead and patch it”, if not, it’s not the end of the world. Thank you team!

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The next time this happens, could you take a screenshot of console for any errors?

So, @Hooksmith, I was able to print experience the same issue from the OP and the reproduction steps are just interact with the forum on a second tab while in the first one, you let it be inactive, which means, don’t do anything for a few minutes. Next is to return and click on the “Forum” on the left top corner of the screen… A little bit wacky, but, I believe you can achieve it successfully!

Here is the screenshot of what the console prints out: