"Report Bug" button is missing

“Report Bug” button is missing, and came back after hours, which I want to report incase it happens again.

Reproduction Steps:
Go the Creator Dashboard
Click “Forum” button, and then once devforum opens, “Report Bug” is missing

This is more of “lets document it and if y’all find a fix, then let’s go ahead and patch it”, if not, it’s not the end of the world. Thank you team!


The next time this happens, could you take a screenshot of console for any errors?


So, @Hooksmith, I was able to print experience the same issue from the OP and the reproduction steps are just interact with the forum on a second tab while in the first one, you let it be inactive, which means, don’t do anything for a few minutes. Next is to return and click on the “Forum” on the left top corner of the screen… A little bit wacky, but, I believe you can achieve it successfully!

Here is the screenshot of what the console prints out:


I was experiencing this exact issue on PC a few moments ago, but I only had 1 tab open and was not logged on through any other device. Clearing my browser cache and cookies resolved the issue.


It has disappeared for me too, don’t know how to provide additional information as I’m using Edge on a Pixel 6 Pro but I’m in the group

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This has also occurred a few times on Microsoft Edge Canary on Android to me too, on a Xiaomi 13T Pro and I’m in the Bug Reporting and Feature Requests groups.