Report in custom chat?

I want to create a custom chat dialog/box but i realized if i replace the default chat then “report abuse” would no longer work, and thats not good.

How do i make it so the report feature works in my custom chat dialog?

Or should i not care about breaking the report feature?

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Maybe make your own report/moderation system, add a webhook and each report will go to a Discord server of your choice, there is a tutorial on it here

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Is there a way to make the cuustom chat send messages to the the real chat so reports still send to roblox properly?

I could make my own moderation system, but im just wondering if there is a way to make roblox’s work.

Roblox default chat reports rely on messages sent by Players:Chat, and in turn picked up by Player.Chatted. Since that method is not able to be used by regular LocalScripts, you are unable to do that.