Report system - Help needed!

Your local link = "" variable should look something like this:

local link = ""

Insert your token you got at the end of the link.

game.ReplicatedStorage.Events.ReportUser.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Reporter, Requested, Reason)
	local data = {
		["name"] = "Ban Report - "..tostring(Reporter),
		["desc"] = tostring(Reporter).." has requested to have action taken against this person: "..tostring(Requested).." because: "..tostring(Reason),
		["key"] = "",
		["token"] = "[Private]",
		["pos"] = "bottom",
		["idlist"] = "63b8a5dcf328d800f315ad8f"
	data = HttpService:JSONEncode(data)
	HttpService:PostAsync(link, data)

do I still use the token area inside of the code (the remote)

works now its giving me a new bug


Hi! Silly thing, but did you try to execute the following code in the command bar of the roblox studio?:

game:GetService("HttpService").HttpEnabled = true

The docs say:

Request-sending functions aren’t enabled by default: attempting to use them while disabled will result in the error “Http requests are not enabled. Enable via game settings”. To send requests, set HttpEnabled to true through the Game Settings interface in Studio under the Security section, or use the Command Bar for unpublished experiences. This property cannot be interacted with at runtime.

From here: HttpService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Two silly willy things, I dont understand HTTP Service at all. Aswell as it is till not allowed to access resources

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The error states that you are trying to access Roblox Resources. Using a proxy can help (such as

Are you sure the URL does not redirect to Roblox?

I dont follow.


Are you sure you don’t send an HttpRequest to a roblox link? (such as

I wouldn’t understand how


after a long time, here’s a function that should work, make sure you don’t put anything invalid in the config or it wont work.

local httpService = game:GetService("HttpService") -- getting HttpService from the game
local baseUrl = "" -- the base url to trello, we'll format this in the function
local config = { -- your config, make sure to edit this!
	['list'] = "63b8a5dcf328d800f315ad8f", -- this is your list id, i already put it in for you
	['key'] = "your key", -- make sure this isn't invalid!
	['token'] = "your token", -- make sure this isn't invalid!

local function post(title, desc) -- the function, with string args to post (title, desc)
	local urlFormat = string.format(baseUrl, config.list, config.key, config.token) -- here we format the url with string.format()
	httpService:PostAsync(urlFormat, '&name='.. title ..'&desc='.. desc, 2) -- lets post the request to the trello api to create the card
post('Your card title.', 'The description of the card.') -- here we call the function to create a card

you can add your remote event in here to make your report system work
just make sure it uses the post function

if one your key/token is invalid it will error.
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