Reporting People

Which category would I use to report someone, or where would I be able to report someone if I have images proving of what they have done?

The developer forum isn’t a reporting tool so no category exists for reporting people. Use the report features on the Roblox website to report people that break rules on Roblox or flag/message the DET team to report people breaking rules on the forum.

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Yes, but where would I attach images?

The developer forum is not a scam-reporting tool nor a substitute for the reporting system on the main Roblox website.

Generally, users on the forum break rules from their posts, so you flag the inappropriate posts.

If you can’t flag it, maybe because of an inappropriate bio on their devforum profile, or something else that doesn’t involve posts, then you can message the DevEngagementTeam group regarding the user.


depends what websites it’s on, DevForum you’d have to get in touch with a staff member in the Engagement team.

if it’s on Roblox, report the player or email roblox support at

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Thanks, I have never seen this section before though, how can I get to it from the home page? This section only let’s me report bugs, how can I report people?

you’d have to go down to ‘Help’ and scroll down again to ‘Roblox Support’, there’s no other alternatives that I am sure of though.

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There is no category on that I think. You just have to flag someone’s post or inform a PA(they have a lot to do so only contact them if necessary).

Post Approval nor Sages are Roblox Staff, you should be using Roblox support or messaging the Developer Engagement Team if it’s for something related to the forum.

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  1. Use Report Abuse to report inappropriate content on

  2. Use flags to report inappropriate content on the developer forum (here).

  3. Use if neither are convenient.

There is no forum category to report other users. If you ignore this advice and post on the forum anyway, you will be flagged for off-topic/spam and the post will be removed and you will receive a warning for that from the forum moderators here. Please follow one of the avenues above instead.


Devforum isn’t an area for reporting, so I suggest to email and proceeding to do as they say if you wish to report someone.

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