[Repro File] Ctrl Shift F 100% Crash Rate

  • Open attached file and use Ctrl Shift F
  • Search for any word, expected behavior is for it to not crash
  • Hit enter key or the Find All button
  • What does it do? Crash

Can I get someone to verify the 100% crash rate of this test file? If so I’d put critical in the title.

ctrlshiftfrepro.rbxl (17.0 KB)


I tried searching for ‘banana’ and ‘peanut’, neither were found but it did not crash either. Perhaps if you specify what keyword you searched for I could try that, but I am a bit doubtful it is a 100% this way.

Didn’t crash for me

I’m having this problem too. It isn’t 100% but seems most likely to happen after searching all (Ctrl + Shift + F) quickly after pressing the “Stop” button after running a live test. Studio goes unresponsive when I press Enter to initiate the search and have to load an auto-save. Pretty annoying, happens several times a day.

Not sure if it is related, but I have the find results window located on a separate monitor screen.

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I’ve noticed that if you Ctrl Shift F while in the script editor. it doesn’t crash. But if you use ctrl shift f while viewing the world, it will crash. Can anyone else confirm?

with this file still

How to test it:
Download file.
Ctrl Shift F right away. it should crash.
Open file again and insert script. Open script.
Ctrl Shift F something (anything), it shouldn’t crash.
GO back to world view (Non script editor) and Ctrl Shift F. It will crash.

Never had this happen to me before and now I’m getting this every time! So weird :confused:

It stopped happening to me when I remember to open up any script before I Ctrl Shift F in any place I edit

I really think it has something to do with that

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Yes, thank you!! This seems to fix it, although one note which may help to fix this bug:

You must have a script open AND on the screen - it can’t be minimised with the game view open!

@SnowyPod Yes, seems to be the same issue! :slight_smile:

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The only way I’ve managed to reproduce this is if the Find Results window is undocked from Studio. I’ll add this to our bug list, but for now it seems like you can dock it in Studio to work around the issue.


That explains why it didn’t crash for @vsnry
Thank you and nice find!

Can confirm this issue still occurs if it is not docked in Studio.

Sorry to bump this post back up, but I’m surprised this issue still has not been fixed. Recently, it started happening again. It ONLY happens in team create, at least for me. It yields ~90% crash rate with whatever I search.


Then seconds later studio becomes:

The DIY-fix for right now is when I open any script and then search for something, it doesn’t crash.

I haven’t had this issue since I docked the Find Results in with other main widgets

I’ll try that, thanks. Still a problem that should be addressed nonetheless.

How does one dock it with the rest of studio? Can’t seem to get it to dock anywhere. It should in theory just automatically dock when its over another widget right? doesn’t seem to be happening.