Search all scripts Not-Responding

As stated in the title.

When I try find a line in all scripts (Using Ctrl + Shift + F), studio sometimes freezes and forces me to close it.

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t my computer’s fault as this is quite an empty place; with fewer than 10 scripts, before I was able to search through 200+ scripts and it was fine.

There are no specific repro steps, as it doesn’t happen all the time, but recently it’s been happening more and more often.

EDIT: Nvm it’s literally happening 100% of the time now, any word or phrase makes it freeze


Does it still freeze when there are no scripts in the place? (i.e. deleting all 10 of them) Could you try cutting away script objects out of those 10 scripts to find out which one is the culprit (if any)?

Couldn’t find the culprit, or there were multiple.
And yes, it still freezes even without any scripts.

Does it happen on a baseplate? (Hitting New in studio)

Can you also attach Studio version, OS?

Yeah just tried it on a new baseplate, still freezes.


Windows 10 or something else?

Oh sorry, didn’t see that. Windows 10.

This happens to me too, but on occasion.
If I close and re-open studio after it freezes, then it works again.

Used to be the same for me, rarely happened, worked after re-opening. Just a few minutes ago it started messing up completely.

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This has happened to me as well. Windows 10, version 318. It’s not dependent on search phrase or script contents, because I can search, freeze, re-open Studio, make that same exact search, and have it complete successfully.

Edit: I always use Enter to search

I ran into this issue yesterday. Windows 10. It seemed to happen more often when I pressed Enter to search instead of clicking on the search button.


This seems to only happen when the results widget is undocked from the main Studio window. I’ve added this to our bug list.