Republic of the Philippines | Group Updates

Hello everyone! I just wanted to provide everyone with a update that I and my team are working on behind the scenes. Below I will post the updates that are coming in the near future or currently under review.

Government Elections

We are currently working on getting the government elections system up and running so that everyone can vote for their proper representation. Such as President and members of Congress.

Streamlined Immigration

Many members have noted how slow it is to get through the immigration process, as of right now I am solo managing the immigration system which is difficult at times when most days we could easily have over 100 new members joining the community. I will be hiring immigration officers that will assist with managing this process. Eventually I hope that we will have an in-game system that automatically promotes to Citizen.

Capital City

I am hoping that development on the City of Manila will undergo in the near future. I am currently hiring developers for the development of the city. If you have any development skills feel free to send me a DM for discussion.

These are just some of the things that I and my team are currently working on. Thank you for being a part of our community. As always if you have any suggestions, concerns, or problems my messages are always open or just ping the staff team on the Discord server.