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Should there be a reputation system added to the forums? I’ve seen other sites like v3rm implement this, though it’s behind a paywall, it’s still there, and this can allow users to see what another user in question did.

For example, say if player X scammed player Y, and player Y gives player X proof that they scammed them and gives them a negative reputation point. Also, say if the proof that player Y is faked, player X would be able to either comment on the reputation saying that it’s fake with their proof that it’s fake, or report it to DET for their reputation to be fixed.

Another example is say player A made a GUI for free for player B in a day, and if player B wants other to know what player A did for them, they can leave a positive reputation and leave a comment explaining what positive thing they did.

Basically, if this was added to forums, I feel like it would be easier for other to view at another user’s background on a community view

  • What measures will be put in place to prevent favoritism/nepotism
  • What measures will be put in place to prevent abuse
  • Why should DevEngagementTeam do something that is out of their scope (handling scams)
  • Why did you use an exploiting site as an example
  • This is basically portfolios
  • Then people are going to start competing for reputation

What if one doesn’t have a portfolio?

First one that came to mind due to how confusing their UI is

Terminate the scammer from DevForums

I just used that as an example, it could just be someone giving someone a +1 due to them being nice

Although I get where you’re coming from, this is basically already a thing.

In #collaboration, you can leave reviews under portfolios and such. I know it’s not a full on system like you’re describing, but it’s honestly better than the system you’re describing. If your feature request gets put into place, people could easily abuse the system and leave false/dishonest reviews.
portfolios are also easy to setup

True, people could message DET to remove comments from their “Reputation”, but that doesn’t mean their actual reputation would be cleaned. Once rumors are spread, you can’t ‘un-spread’ them.

Like @sjr04 said, this would turn developing into a competition for reputation. Like he also said, it would be pretty hard to prevent favoritism and abuse.


Then they make one

The devforum rules don’t say scamming is a punishable offense – use Roblox support

It’s just another statistic that users will feel encouraged to farm, and what if someone has a “low” reputation, it would be basically naming and shaming these users. Not cool


The devforum isn’t a dedicated marketplace. It’s a place for developers to come together to learn and help others about all things Roblox related to development. Your suggestion is way beyond the scope of things here.


Why would a scammer make a portfolio?

If they terminate the scammer, then the scammer can’t use DevForums to scam others

A scammer isn’t going to put on their portfolio “hey guys im scamr XDXDXD”

Unfortunately alting exists


Reputation is important regardless of community, DevForum is no different, especially with the #collaboration category, though this is just my opinion

Why would they even need a portfolio? When I meant by scamming, is that the scammer is the customer and they scam the person that they would’ve commissioned. Being a commissioning scammer is harder as they would need to have a development portfolio and thus, people can call them out there

Calling out users is against the rules here, so no, that rule is not and should not be changed. Just use the proper channels, in other words Roblox support.

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What I meant is that they warn others to not trust the user for commissions and working for them if you are the commissioner

Which is still under the definition of calling out users

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Adding a reputation system only makes things more complicated and this is something DevRel has been avoiding ever since. They’ve also made recent changes such as removing certain avatar flairs, titles and groups to remove a false sense of authority. If you’ve been here long enough, you must know that they got rid of the marketplace category where developers could sell assets.

The DevForum is very vague when it comes to commissions being posted in #collaboration so you’re better off not relying on the devforum then.

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To add on roblox is working on the talent hub, which is still in private beta as of now, which could replace the entire category, so might as well use that once it’s released/you’re invited to the private beta


Calling out users in my eyes is like


While a community warning is something like this
‘Hey guys! This user scammed me out of something. Here is the proof: proof. I advice you to not work with this user’

Basically, how I see a community warning is basically a more professional way of calling out someone, though I do see how you see how they are basically the same thing

This is derogatory behavior and is very toxic. This is also against the rules.

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Wait, how is it toxic to warn others of a scam? I’m confused

It still says scamming, it’s still calling out.

It doesn’t matter how it’s worded – it’s still calling out. You are saying that someone is scamming, even if it’s different word choice, the point is that the spirit is still the same.

Just use Roblox support

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If someone scams you, let Roblox handle it. Why put a label on someone for lifetime? Pretty sure if they ever mature they would’ve learned their lesson.

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I do agree we should let Roblox handle it, but I think it’s fine to warn others, thus limiting the damage