Request to Sunset 'Allowed Gear'

Roblox has had a feature which gives games the ability to allow certain gear types for players to use in game.

As the platform grew and given us a lot of cool new features that we did not have back then, the ‘Allow Gears’ feature has become rather useless in the majority of roblox games active right now.

If Roblox were to sunset this feature it would take the time and effort that is currently put into making sure this feature behaves as it should and gives it to more important and more useful features that the platform needs.

I do understand that there may be some games which still use this feature so here’s a pole to see how many still want this and how many agree to remove this feature:

  • I still use this
  • I don’t use this
  • I have a better idea (comment please)

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There is one main issue with this proposal; what would happen with the gear currently in existance? It is not acknowledged to be redundant, and for that reason there aren’t any (publicly known) plans to turn it into something more useful. While I can agree that gear in its current state probably is too ‘broken’ to be used for anything within any game, an official removal of its functionality should at the very least be met with the option to have them as non-functional accessories in-game.

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I remember @EchoReaper had data on how many of the top games actually used this feature, I think the answer was only some simulator about baking.

I don’t think Gears should be removed, I mean I know a lot of developers don’t see a use for gear in their game but I’d really like to see more games start to utilise gear in their game. I think some of the issues with gears as as follows;

  1. No control over scripts in the gears, there’s some gears in the Catalog for example that can change the Lighting of the game to night time. I’m not sure if they still work with FE because they was created some time ago but there are still gears that have un-desirable effects to game-play or balance. Like having a damaging sword in a game purely designed for roleplay.

  2. Some games may not have a use for gears or practical (e.g. it’s not practical to put gears in a game that’s only GUI) - what’s the point in that? Nobody is going to leave the GUI to be able to experience the gear!

  3. No option to make scripts function “cosmetically” only (for example, I know I would love a option in the game settings to have more refinements) the current refinement settings are very minimal
  4. There doesn’t seem to be a real “incentive” to allow developers to allow gear in their game. I thought of an idea for a “gear pass” that would allow gear I manually select, maintain and update in game. This way I can only allow gear I know that doesn’t damage the gameplay and I could make a small 100R$ extra for anyone that wishes to use some of their gear in game like snowglobes and such.

    I would myself allow all the small cool items that help social experiences take place - as cheesy as that sounds I don’t think allowing gear like this would hamper my gameplay at all.
  1. A lot of the gear in the catalog still needs fixing - as far as I’m aware

In general as a buyer of gears, there’s no point to buy them any more. They are pricey and no game accepts them in general. They are there mostly for cosmetic reasons because having a cool guitar on your avatar is cool. I wish developers did more to support gears and I think having a “gear pass” is a great idea to allow gear you choose (if the player owns it) to be used in game.

I hope in the future a dedicated team of people move forward and make a “safe gear list” and gears do once again become popular and used.


I recently enabled gears (specifically in the Social, Musical, and Navigation attributes) in one of my games mostly as an experiment to see what would happen. As I found out, it was basically a requirement to create my own personalized ban list to prevent even the strictest of allowed gears to destroy my game.
Roblox’s gear selection is riddled with gears that spawn permanent fixtures that never despawn, gears that are blatantly incorrectly categorized, gears that despite being labeled as harmless allow the user to spawn weapons, gears that permanently change the color of a part they collide with, and other various annoyances. If gears are to ever be taken seriously as a feature again some major work needs to be done on them.


It’s time for the gears to end.