Request: Use the verified email to communicate with users, not the paypal email

I verified my email for a specific reason: because that’s the email I want roblox to send messages to. That worked fine until I made a devex request and it was rejected, and for some reason the details were sent to my paypal email instead of my registered email, so for almost a week I’ve been waiting for a response from someone to tell me why it was rejected when the answer was in the incorrect email the entire time.

Trying to contact people on a different address without any sort of indication beforehand is needlessly confusing. It would be great if roblox could avoid doing this in the future.


PS: Wrong forum maybe? I didn’t see one that fit so I just put it here.

This would be a ‘Web Feature’

I agree 100% with you, it is annoying to get email delivered on something that you barely check. I also would like them to use the ‘e-mail’ that we verified or else the email that has been registered by PayPal

I’m not aware or this is on purpose. For example, that they are sending the emails from PayPal > You. (If that is the case, then it would make sense. Since PayPal can also keep track of things, when something goes wrong.)

meta forum or web idk