"Request was throttled" for no apparent reason

In my console, I keep receiving the warning: “Request was throttled. Try sending fewer requests”:

However, when I check my datastore budgets (using the code from his page: http://wiki.roblox.com/index.php?title=API:Class/DataStoreService/GetRequestBudgetForRequestType), I have plenty available:

I’m worried this may cause errors in saving player data. Why does this happen and how can I solve this?

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This may be because you’re trying to write data to the same key too frequently. Based on the error messages, you seem to be attempting to write to the same key every 4-6 seconds.

Right now, writing to a key requires a 6 second cooldown between requests. You can find this information on the wiki here: http://wiki.roblox.com/index.php?title=Data_store#Per_Place_Limit


I could only think of two reasons for this:

  • You are exceeding the datastore budget:

    This is probably unlikely, as you say that you have plenty of requests remaining. It’s also a very fair budget, which is why it’s pretty hard to exceed it unless you have a serious issue with your saving system. Anyways, just verify that you’re not calling any of the requests too many times in a minute.

  • You are calling the datastore when the server initializes:

    You would get this error if you tried accessing datastores too soon. When the server is just created, and the first player is still in the process of joining, I believe you have a budget of 0. Do you have some leader board datastore you are calling when the server is initialized? If you are trying to access datastores from the very start of a script, this could be giving you the error.

If you know for a fact that you’re not exceeding the limit, and that you’re not calling datastores before any players have been added to the game, then this could be a bug.

Okay thanks, Ill start looking into both of your answers and see if I can find a solution

Just tested it out now - it looks as if I was saving data without considering a 6 second cool down. Thanks for your help!