Requesting access bug for a single place

This is only happening in Team Create.
The current issue is when trying to edit my place I alone can NOT enter it. I also OWN the place it just keeps requesting access…I’ve tried reinstalling studio and still not working all my other places are allowing me access and my internet connection is quite good. Not sure what’s going on here.

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Might seem a bit out of nowhere, but are you sure there isn’t some popup dialog that didn’t actually… popup?

If you mean the connection error or the “We cannot open your place at this time” or something like that then no .3.

There’s another dialog that might be hidden. Is there a “you have unsaved changes from a previous session” dialog hidden somewhere?

Unfortunately no I actually had to use a VPN to enter it and then exit my VPN then reload the studio it finally worked lol

veov isnt the only one experiencing this!
lots of people are, myself included

Idk what it was.