Requesting Direct Support With Importing ENORMOUS Blender Works to Roblox Studio

Hello, DevForum users.

I am having some huge issues with something that will be a great showcase on ROBLOX as well as any additional projects in the near future. Though, I have heard work arounds for these kinds of things, I really need some direct assistance and someone who can help me. I know there have been posts regarding things like this but this has been a larger step from that where I really need some direct help. If you are able to, please add me on Discord, I really need all the help I can get, and only add me if you are certain you have what you will need to help us. My Discord is TophatBloxxer#8579.

The issue being what my team found together was, of course, the 10,000 triangles limit per mesh as well as only 200 assets total able to be imported at once. My team member 4MINUS1D has been finding this information. He also mentions that we are able to import the meshes separately but we need a work around so that we can bulk import without those limits.

Additional note is that there IS an Import button in the Game Explorer that allows us to bulk import WHILE keeping the said limits of triangles and assets. Just to paint you a clearer picture as to what we are having problems with.

My team has worked on a Blender creation accumulating almost 30,000,000 triangles.

If this doesn’t convince you to help, I am sure some render scenes will:

If you have what it takes to help us, please, we encourage you add me on Discord and we can find something to please us all in this favor. In addition, you can keep a copy of the work for your personal use if it is successfully imported.

Thanks for your time reading.

Render Test Videos


It’s an impressive render. You could probably cut down a good chunk of those millions of tris by only using one chair and instancing it in Studio - this would also help with game performance since you wouldn’t have to make a new mesh for every single chair. Additionally, since the map is symmetric, you could get away with mirroring for some (but certainly not all) objects in Studio as well.

However at this point I don’t really see this as feasible, and I’m curious as to why you didn’t start in Studio and move assets from your 3D software into Studio along the way - like modeling one chair, and moving it into Studio to place all the chairs, instead of modeling and placing all the chairs in your 3D software, and having to do it all again in Studio, which takes time, or export every single chair, which isn’t realistic either.


I always wondered how those crazy insanely detailed showcases were on ROBLOX to begin with. Sure they may have transferred it to studio after each model but wouldn’t that be incredibly painful? There had to be a way they could bulk import it.


The Bulk Import feature is a method, but they more than likely imported assets and moved them around the workspace from there. Or in the case of the Bloxy theatre, used scripts to place every chair based on a single chair asset.


You can tell me how people can bulk import? Might want to look into it. Bulk importing could be a huge help to what is needed right now.


Wow this theatre looks very impressive and the detail is outstanding, looks realistic! :smiley:
Amazing job


Currently we don’t do any deduplication for bulk imports, so this would be pretty difficult to import into Studio. Would you be willing to PM me the file for this? It would be a great benchmark to test Bulk Import optimizations against, and maybe in the future it won’t be so impossible to import something like this :)


Woah, for real? I can send you the google drive link for the file. This is some good news. The only issue is that I really planned this project for something to publish in mid October. But at least it is good to have a staff member be willing to help out. Still encourage others to come and help me with this though, I should try to have this published when possible. :slight_smile:


That’s way too many triangles for that, I’d suggest finding whatever is increasing it. I’d look into the chairs, the bits with slightly advanced geometrics, and anything else used often. 30million wouldn’t likely even run well if you could import it easily.

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You’d be surprised what Roblox can run efficiently. Most of those slowdowns come from shadows, physics, low gpu/sys memory, etc. I currently have a scene with ~25M triangles that runs at 50 fps on integrated graphics at quality level 8. 30M isn’t much of an increase and could probably easily run at >30fps under the same conditions.


I can run anything at 60FPS 10 graphics, that’s not normal for RBLX though. I’ve done projects requiring a playerbase and you normally want under 1.5 million drawn tris (and that’s being very generous) for the scene being drawn. Best way to test general RBLXian performance is to find the worst toaster you can and have them run around with a few others. 30million triangles with no occlusion culling and a general lack of performance support likely not gonna be so hot.

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This place isn’t really made for a general playerbase though. It’s a showcase and it can still run at >30fps on machines without a GPU. There isn’t really a problem here.

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Is this the bloxys? lol. if not then im interested in what it is going to be used for! It looks realy good! do you mind me asking how long it took to make?

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Showcases are meant to be seen generally, normally don’t design around only having the top crop being able to experience it. I was looking and the build though and it shouldn’t be that many tris because there’s not really a need, it’s like when someone subdivides something that smooth shading would fix (as an example).
When you have something like that with so much of the same spread around even reducing 500 tris from 1 asset used often could reduce it exponentially. I’ve taken one place that was 5million tris down to under 1m merely by redoing one oft used asset there.


Oh, it took about 2 full months of hard work! It was a pretty heavily worked on project.


@Muoshuu and @The_Harbinger, remember that the tri count you can find in Studio doesn’t exclude instanced objects which greatly influences the impact of how good any game is with performance.

As I’ve said before, anyone saying any hard number is too much for Roblox hasn’t see the full situation. There’s far too many variables to say anything definitive past very general terms such as “a unique mesh for every chair is probably not great for performance.”

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People have been mentioning extensions used to bulk import. I did notice the Import button in the Game Explorer but it does have the 10,000 triangles limit and 200 assets limit. But what kind of extensions are able to help with this? I mean, there are people who really create work arounds with these things but I hope they can actually help out. I just don’t know where to look or who to reach out to, that is why I posted this thread.

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Okay, so I am one step further to finding a good solution, using a rather up-to-date version of an extension to help with this based off @nurgenius’s extension. The only issue so far is the import errors that occur, there is a limit of maximum 200 assets able to be imported at once:unknown%20(1)

Anyone can explain the issue here? If this can be resolved, most probably everything else would be working out perfectly thanks to the extension.

Update: I’ve found a plugin : )

Thank you for the kind words. May I ask how you mirror objects in Studio? I’ve attached a video that showcases objects being mirrored in Blender. Does Roblox Studio have something similar that resembles this feature?

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