Requesting Feedback on my UI

Been making my first few UIs the past few weeks and I want to finally receive some feedback after learning and messing around on Adobe XD. If anyone has any tutorial on making UIs on Photoshop or something related. It would help a lot!

My work

Thanks! :grinning:


Nice job, the “sample” text on the third example looks a bit too high, maybe lower it a bit?

Great UIs! I do agree with @EpicCheatCodes that the text he mentioned should be lowered a bit, but other than that, they’re great! Also, how much would you charge per UI? Send me some prices on discord @sepro1144#6964

I’ll likely charge around 250 for now, to build on my confidence. But, they are negotiable! My disc is @Fluo#4159.

Look nice and clean. Tip tho, put them on a different colored background when showing them off :+1: preferably white. Will help show off the lines more and give people a better idea as to the shape/etc. of how the ui would look in game