Requesting some more feedback on my UI

So, I’m currently trying to make a interview UI and I want to hear some feedback before I get a move on and build off of the feedback for the rest of my minor project.


Thanks! :grinning:


This all looks very professional. The text is well contrasted and easy to read, and the fonts work well to provide a smart casual feel.

The only thing I would question is the choice of color. Of course this might suit your purpose, but generally I associate black - grey - white / color as professional.

Outside of this, very well done! :+1:


Those squaares should be higher up, and like @CON_Fusion said, change up the colors? Thats all I got. (Or give a dark mode option, it’s kinda bright! Imo)

I would say that it looks very good, Though the “current playing” isnt roundified that much… And change the font of “current playing” to the same font as the application thing, otherwise it looks amazing. :slight_smile:

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