Requesting Test and Feedback

Well i just need feedback on this game that i was developing any feedback would be helpful im only trying to improve the game so why not take help where i can get it

Wow, this is a super interesting idea!

A couple of comments which I have:

  • When I joined, the music took a little bit to start, so when it did start it was very surprising, and scared me a little because of the immediate volume.
  • I do enjoy the Sims games, so I see where you are coming from. The character customisation page is cool, but the graphics don’t look the best (kind of blurry and zoomed out) except from the player in the centre which looks nice.
  • I think that after an aspiration is chosen, the aspirations selection menu should automatically close.
  • There is no fading out at the end of songs, so it immediate cuts on to the next song which feels very sharp. Edit: I have just heard another song which did fade out, so perhaps it is a specific audio.

A couple of things I encountered might only be the result of this project being in beta however:

  • Data does not save
  • You can progress to the game without modifying the character at all which means you will have no aspirations or outfit setup

I would also like to point out that there may be legal implications with a game like this. If you are using the exact music from The Sims 4 or if you use their logo in your game (I found an object with a Sims 4 logo decal on it) then you may be committing copyright infringement, which you should read into here:

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Thank your for your detailed feedback i deeply appreciate it.

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Are your referring to the Dvd in the Second place?

I think so, I was referring to this

I do have a suggestion too, if you implement a system which ensures that a character has been customised before proceeding to the game, you might want to make sure the character has pants on to protect the young audience of Roblox.

Having characters like this may encourage inappropriate behaviour

Also, perhaps you should consider forcing a specific playermodel. Having multiple player models may take away from the realism of the game.

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I was actaully planning on setting it up so that if u press the check and u dont have a shirt then it wont load
And it will be a solo player game and i will also have an online mode in the finished product

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I really like what you’ve done here, trying to replicated the sims customization & menu.
However some things look icky. Blurry, not well scaled

Overall it looks great, good luck with your project!


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First Impressions

  1. Before I joined, the grammar/spelling in the description gave the appearance of an unprofessional game.
  2. The pictures in the start should be cropped and re-arranged. One of them is an obvious screenshot and the others are angled poorly.
  3. It’s hard to tell where to click on the opening GUI. Maybe make a ‘PLAY’ button.


  1. Small buttons (you should make these easier to see).
  2. The box where you type an RP name is small and doesn’t fit the design. Maybe relocate and color that box?
  3. Add hats (I assume this was already your plan)
  4. No fade between songs and some start immediately after the other. You should probably try to fix that either with a script or new audio.

Questions For you

  1. Do you plan to give the houses interiors? I assume yes due to the beds and tables in the game.
  2. If yes^, do you plan to make the houses customizable (kinda like Meep City)? I got this idea after seeing two different beds.
  3. Is this a solo project? I’d love to build you houses or building (gas station or whatever) if you’d like!

Overall, nice game idea. The game is coming together just fine, and though there’s a lot to do still, I think it can do very well!

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To be honest yes devs are lazy so i really just been going on my own i have a furniture builder but he’s just chillin as of now i mean if u really do want to join the project my disc is Lucki Eck$#5789