Requesting Updated Information for Cross-Platform Development Article


I was recently reading through this article (Cross Platform Development) and realized that a few changes would be welcome for this page.

Add Xbox Information or Links

One piece of info that seems to be lacking here is any information regarding Xbox development. If there are already thorough existing documents it would be great if these could be linked here. If not, then if this could be added to the article that would be fantastic.

Change up Input Detection section

While UserInputService is useful in some cases it can lead to bad practices for developers in the future when detecting input and dealing with different input types. ContextActionService should be suggested instead with proper examples on how to use it.

It may still be valuable to keep the UserInputService information, so if that could be archived in another area of the developer hub and linked in this article I believe it would be valuable for everyone. (As should be the case of never deleting valuable information from a wiki).

I’m sure there’s a lot more than can be added and even split off into expanded articles. These were just the standout changes for me.

Thanks in advance for making the DevHub better for all developers!


Thanks for the feedback!
To get a bit more clarity…

On the first point (Xbox Information), do you mean something like the gamepad material here?

On the second point, do you mean more like the ContextActionService approach here?

With more details, I can take action to improve the Cross-Platform Development article.


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