RequestStreamAroundAsync and StreamingEnabled causing huge issues

I have an issue with teleporting a player, causing them to float in suspended air with StreamingEnabled




When I disable StreamingEnabled, my player is fine and everything works normally.

This wasn’t an issue with StreamingEnabled a month or so ago, so unsure what changed

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After testing this feature out in studio myself with the given properties you’ve shown, I see no problem on my end.
I believe that this could be one or more of these issues:
(A): What you are requesting to have RequestStreamAroundAsync’d has too many things to stream around it, causing the built in roblox function to lag/break (not a very probable cause)
(B): You may have a script causing an issue with the built in function’s ability to render, maybe something like a pet system where models have to be pre-streamed before appearing, or a character script that gives the character some sort of issue with loading.
(C): The function itself is just naturally unreliable and breaks easily

However please do not take my word for facts, I have actually never used this function before because I’ve never had to create such a thing!