Require account PIN for purchases

Currently, when people make purchases accidentally, it just happens. There’s no getting refunded it.

There are some benefits I know that come with the “Require Account PIN for Purchases” setting.

  1. If a parent ran a ROBLOX account for their child (I know this is not often practiced, but, it still is) and the child tries to buy anything he/she’ll need the PIN to buy it.
  2. Having a PIN prompt can stop accidental purchases. Hooray!
  3. Hacker in your account? Have millions of R$? Too bad, the hacker would need the pin to buy his own t-shirt.
  4. (Adding on to #3) If you need to really use the restroom in the library, and while you’re gone your best friend who happens to be a jerk wants to buy this robot hat on your account with the last of your R$, he’ll need the PIN too.

I would also like an Enable PIN Lockdown setting like Apple Devices have. Five consecutive incorrect PIN guesses allows for your account to be temporary “locked” on purchases for an hour, or more if you come back after that hour and incorrectly guess again.


1 - Roblox shouldn’t be the de-facto parent for anyone using their site
2 - There are already 2 buy buttons. You can’t just keep tacking on new purchase blockers to stop the tiny amount of people who accidentally clicked through the previous ones.
3 - This is why we have 2SV
4 - That’s just silly

I think the current accidental purchase precautions and verification walls are plenty to stop accidental or malicious purchases. As a developer, I don’t want users going through more steps in order to purchase things.


I agree with all the rest, but:

Any decent app whose target audience is children allows parents to lock down purchases and other privileges with a PIN. iOS has a parental PIN for purchases. The Google Play Store has a parental PIN for purchases. Amazon has a parental PIN for purchases. Even ROBLOX has a parental PIN, but not for purchases yet.

No one should be using parental PINs to secure their ROBLOX account, but the parental PIN is legitimately useful for parents. ROBLOX should be the de-facto parent for anyone who has a parental PIN hooked up to their account – this is industry standard. Parents want to control what their kids do.