Require an Email to be Verified during the Sign up process

Recently, an announcement was made that affects account security.

While the feature is good in spirit, it does a poor job attacking or correcting the actual issue that would make this feature great. Creating an account without an email is what causes a percent (or two) of why accounts get lost in the first place and the lack of email verification during the most important step of creating an account is not only asking for a possible account breach (think younger users) but, completely makes the announcement above worthless if you don’t have an email nor if you’re in the devforum to see that it’s a feature in the first place.

The manual process of adding an email to your account after it has been created should have been removed a while ago and it’s sad to see that this hasn’t changed yet. Banking on kids or normal people to verify an email is often times postponed and ignored.

Here’s the basis of what I propose:

  1. Require an email to be verified during the account creation process.
  2. Force require an email to be verified the next time the user goes on the site across the platform.
  3. Don’t allow accounts without an email or those that fail to pass the verification process.

What this would fix:

  1. Would make account security near industry standards.
  2. Would prevent mass botting (still keep the capatcha since it works).
  3. Would make the announcement above actually worthwhile.
  4. Anything else I forgot.

I think it’s fair that in 2020 most kids, teens and adults should have an email. An email is more mainstream than ever and it’s time that Roblox uses this to increase the security on the site. It’s a welcome sight to see security be taken seriously, especially as a long time user but, making it actually meaningful is where it really matters.