Require Error - Invalid Args

local module = require('BLANKED OUT')

It says Invalid args

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Can we see the full output?

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 12.49.52 PM
The require is on line 1

W h a t

Just- What

require() is used to get ModuleScripts

It is a module script… I put in the id

Are you putting the id as a string or a number? If it’s a string remove the quotation marks as you can only require external modulescripts with a number id

Remove the quotations.

Yes I get that, but you’re supposed to identity first what the ModuleScript is I believe when using that

Removing the quotation marks would just result in a syntax error, I don’t think that’ll fix the issue

Well he marked my post as the solution taht asked about that so it was definitely that he used a string instead of a number

No? Module scripts can be required via IDs.

No its meant to be a number. Not a string