Require people to be more specific when hiring in "Collaboration: Recruitment"

As a Roblox developer, it is currently very difficult to find any available commission-based work in the “Collaboration: Recruitment” category due to the sole fact that users are either not descriptive enough when writing topics, or that they do not state whether or not they are open.

For the sake of privacy, I will not be showcasing any specific topics from the category, but will rather describe my experience with them.

Today, I scrolled through the “Collaboration: Recruitment” category, looking for commission work. I see a lot which look great, but that I decide not to take due to the fact that they have hundreds of views, and do not mark that they are open or closed. As a developer, and speaking for other developers, I can say with confidence that this wastes our time. This is because developers either have to spend time reaching out to the writer with no knowledge of their availability or ability to reply, or that they just reject the topic as a result of assuming the commission has already been taken.

Moving onto my second point, many topics are not descriptive enough. I’ve seen many great-looking jobs today, but choose not to accept them because I didn’t know the full details of the job. For example, a payment amount is not offered, or the job’s details (what needs to be scripted, built, modelled, etc.) is not named. Sometimes, it’s both, and many times it’s not stated when it is open.

I see that the devforum and its members are often held to a higher standard in both the rules of the forum and the topics in which they post. I don’t see any reason why we can’t and shouldn’t hold the collaboration category to this same standard. As a developer, this change would help me find commission work in a easier fashion, in addition to allowing me more time.

A proposed solution of mine would be to require the listing of whether the commission is opened or closed, and to at least have a definite payment amount listed.

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I agree with @Ty_Scripts. If someone wants to write a crappy post with no information and get no one to apply that’s on them, the best thing you can do is not apply for that job.


tbh i woudnt let people know this. it can deter many qualified candidates. they might consider it as low payment or something

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I feel like at some point in DM’s payment is going to be discussed, so like stating the payment right off the bat would probably save the developer some time. Even just a pay range would help, or at least stating that the payment is negotiable. Thank you for the feedback, though!

though stating the payment right away would invite non experienced people, or even scammers, who are looking to earn a quick buck.

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I mean we’re getting a Talent Hub where people can hire others etc, and I’m really sure that’ll replace it with the Forum. :man_shrugging: