Requirements to show a game on the Discover Page's Adventure Category

I would like to promote my game design team’s game, WillyEdison’s Microgames, as an adventure game. For best results, I would like it to appear on Roblox’s Discover page under the Adventure category. What official requirements does this category require for my game to be eligible?

You need to set your game’s genre to “Adventure”, for a start. There isn’t any official guides on how exactly to get on the Discover page from there, so you can try to:

  • Write and elaborate in your description elaborating on the adventure in your game.
  • Get some sort of Playerbase by self-advertising your games, either through Ads on Roblox or on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.
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Thank you for your feedback!

I have set our game’s genre to Adventure. I’m hoping that the Adventure category is the same as the genre setting, would that be correct?

I’ve heard TikTok is very good for advertising Roblox games. I’m not fond of it personally, but it might prove useful for marketing our game. If we did pursue sharing our game through TikTok, how would we do so?

Try to keep your content to 15-30 seconds long so you can capture attention within a short span of time. During the video, you can go through about the game’s objectives, what makes it different from other games, and some gameplay footage. Make sure to also include some bright and eye-catching colours in your videos.

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