Requiring a module not working

Hello everyone, this is my first post on here so excuse me if I’m doing something wrong.

I recently wrote a script that I realized I would need to duplicate, but since I was going to update it I realized it would be better to use a module but I’ve ran into a weird problem.

The script activates and works just fine until it reaches the moment were it needs to require the module. From that point on the script freezes and won’t do anything else.

Here is the require part.


Here is the start of the module.

Again this is my first post I don’t know if this is right or not.

(This script is also serversided)

Is this in a LocalScript, perhaps? LocalScripts cannot access items in the ServerScriptService. Move the modules to ReplicatedStorage or into the LocalScript. (apologies for assuming it is a LocalScript, as you didn’t make it clear in your post)

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No, it is all on the server. No local script.