Requiring External Script


Basically, I am running a service. For this service to work, I need to give everyone a roblox place file for it. Whenever I make updates to the service, I don’t want to have to give them a new place file that is up to date. SO, I am requiring an external script in order to make it so all I have to update the script model and it updates to all of the places.

How would I actually do this? Wouldn’t I need to make the script public for anyone to require it? Although I dont want people to actually see it.

Could you save the script itself as an .rbxm and distribute it that way?
If you’re providing something for people to use in studio there’s not going to be a way to privatize it. You could require() the asset ID, but for them to be able to require it, they need permission to use it, which also lets them purchase it on the website or :LoadAsset() it into workspace themselves.

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