Research Panel Survey Broke

I got an email invitation to join the Roblox Research Panel and while doing the survey I was interrupted and had to go do something else. When I came back, my computer had turned off and the google tab with the survey had closed.
When I clicked the link to go back to the survey, it said “This survey cannot be taken twice.” as if I had completed the survey.
I tried to do the survey on a different google account but it wouldn’t continue past the first question. When I click the continue to next question button, it gets stuck saying “Please wait…” and does not change.

Have I broken the survey? Is there anything I should do to fix it or should I just wait until next time they invite me?


Mine also did this but it happened because I did the survey without being logged in (I assume)
I emailed support asking but I am yet to hear back

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Same happened to me, it completely broke and now says I cannot “re-do the Survey” after a while, even though I only filled one part of it, which I assume isn’t the entire thing.

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Of course, contacted Support and just got the average copy-paste NPC like response, so I guess there’s nothing we can do about this, at least AFAIK

if you made the account with the email and password already just login the research panel website and you can continue the survey there