Reselling and Trading Catalog Items Through Scripting

Good day. I would like to ask if there’s a way to implement a system where players can resell or trade their owned catalog items similar to what was discussed here?

I would like to implement these features inside our game instead of the player going through the steps listed on the links above.

I tried to search for any posts but I did not find any potential solution. I also checked the MarketplaceService documentation but I did not find any suitable function for my purpose.

Thank you very much.

I also got this idea a year ago. However its disheartening to say but no such API actually exists. You can sell Limiteds but it will only display the Cheapest cant have trading in game due to there being no existence of such api

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Thank you for your response. I asked here just in case I missed any existing library that Luau has. At least I have confirmed that there are no such functions at the moment. Thanks again.