Reserved servers. Can I create more than 1 of them? How to use them? Is it possible to implement the to work with global matchmaking?

Universe = a collection of all running and reserved servers
Game = Above mentioned server
Place = a place inside a game, such as lobbies, maps locked areas

Can I create more than 1 of them?
It’s a simple question I just need the answer to.

How to use them?
How exactly do they work? Can they be access when a player clicks play on the website or is it only accessible through scripts teleporting players to them? I assume that’s the case. But in general I don’t understand them. I am also wondering how to delete a reserved server (it’ll be important later).

Is it possible to implement the to work with global matchmaking?
Diagram included down
So here’s my idea. I have my game or universe where each public server is a lobby and that’s it. When a player joins the game by clicking play in the website, Roblox will send them to one of these lobbies. For my game to work I need global matchmaking. The matchmaking will be done on each lobby separately and will be updated through the MessagingService until universe scripts are introduced, but that’s a whole different story. Once when a match has been found by one of the servers, a new reserved server will be created. And every player from the match will be sent to that reserved server where they’ll play a game. Think of it like Fortnite - you have a lobby and when a game is found you’re teleported to a new server where the actual game will be played. When the game is finished, the players will be sent from the reserved server to the lobby servers and the reserved server will be deleted (q. from above).

Here are my questions: When a reserved server is created, what is exactly created? Is the lobby just copied or can I state which place to copy and make it as a starting place for the reserved server, maybe I have multiple maps which will be chosen by random.
I assume the entier server (lobby and maps) is being copied, which means I’m going to have to make the maps as a separate place in my game where the lobby is the starter place.

I’ve found another post on the forms that may help you answer this question.

As for sending information to the server there is several ways you can do this, some might be better than others. One option is to send information with a player when you teleport them. (The problem with this is if the player drops connection than the other server won’t do anything, so perhaps you could attach teleport information to all players?)

Another option is to use MessagingService this would only work if that reserve server is already online.

You could also use Datastores, or an external server.

As for it creating a reserve server and teleporting players to it that should be possible, however I wouldn’t know for sure as I haven’t used reserve servers. From my understanding you can have more than 1 reserve server, they basically seem to act like Private Servers.