"Reset Password" Page API Limitation release

Old ROBLOX Players who have associated more than 100 accounts to an Email are unable to retrieve certain accounts further down the indexing due to the “Reset Password” page only listing up to 100 accounts.

Problem scenario:

  1. Old account gets hacked and Customer Support is notified.
  2. Customer Support reverts the stolen account Email back to the rightful owner.
  3. Indexing caused by the account email reversal pushes it back to the very last position.
  4. Account is not shown in the “Reset Password” page because the account is further down the indexing which is out of view of what the page can show you due to the (100 accounts MAX) API limitation.

This has happened to me, and I am unable to retrieve my stolen account because it is currently indexed at the 300th position which is out of reach of what the “Reset Password” page can show you.

Possible solution:

  • Contact a Back-End Engineer at ROBLOX and tell them to raise the API Limitation from 100 or keep the limit but list all accounts on separate pages.

A limit of around 30 accounts per email already exists nowadays, no one should have more than 100 accounts to begin with. However, since this limitation has appeared after you were able to do this, there is no way to revert or access the account you primarily used if the account had its email reverted. You would manually have to go through each account one by one and revert that account email just to go down on the index which would take months due to spam prevention request limits.


Alternative: limit the number of accounts per verified email to a reasonable amount – nobody should need 300+ different Roblox accounts to begin with.


There is already such a limit in place nowadays. Maximum is around 30 per email. This however still affects emails from pre-limitation era which is why there needs to be a solution.


Even having 30 account per email is insane. You would never need 30 accounts. I feel like the limit should be lowered to 3-5. Worst comes worst, just create a new email and move all your roblox clutter to there instead of your personal/main address.

Would just like to confirm that the limit is 20 per email but I do agree, the limit should be lower. However, this has nothing to do with the feature request I’m proposing, I’m simply proposing to higher the limit of showing 100 accounts on the “Reset Password” page… I’m not sure why everyone’s mentioning something that’s completely irrelevant to my feature?

Just did this. Took me roughly 2 months to transfer 200 accounts just so I could get to my account. This would not have been a problem in the past but it is now due to this limitation, which is why I’m asking for a change, no one should have to do what I just did just to get back their stolen account.