Resetting Display Name To Username Causes Additional 7 Day Cooldown


  1. Have A Roblox Display Name That Hasn’t Been Changed In Over 7 Days
  2. Head To Roblox Settings
  3. Edit Display Name Back To Username
  4. 7 Day Cooldown Appears

Visual Representation:
(Display Name Was Recent Back To The Username Way After Cooldown Ended, And Still Added An Addtional Cooldown Because Of This)

Visual Explaination:
If the Display Name cooldown already ended (7 days passed), and you reset it back to you’re original Username, it adds an additional 7 day cooldown, which shouldn’t happen.

When resetting you’re Display Name back to you’re Username during this cooldown, it also supposedly adds 7 more days to the cooldown, or resets it entirely, this shouldn’t happen and it should keep the initial time left instead of adding on.

Expected behavior

I expect to be able to reset my Display Name back to my Original Username with no further cooldowns after the cooldown previously ended.


Here’s how I see it.

  • I have a display name that says “ROBLOX”
  • I reset my display name to yourfavoritenoob_acc
  • Then I change it to “Builderman” without waiting additional 7 days.

I see it as a way to skip the 7 days cooldown, might need a better solution for that.

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The whole thing is, if you’re display name is “freaky” and you’re username is “imsocool”, and you change back you’re display name way after the cooldown is over to “imsocool”, you shouldn’t get a cooldown from changing it back to you’re original username.

I get having a cooldown still after changing it back to you’re username IF you recently changed you’re display to something custom, but it shouldn’t add a cooldown to you’re account if it’s already up when changing back to you’re actual username.

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What prevents me from using this to my advantage and skip the 7 day cooldown?

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If you have a 7 day cooldown from already changing you’re display name to something custom, and then changing it back to you’re original, it should keep that cooldown, but if the cooldown ended along time ago (context of the screenshot ~ i havent changed that display in over a year and recently reset it back to my actual username) it shouldn’t give you any kind of cooldown.


Let’s say you are still on this cooldown and change it back, supposedly, it’d addon another 7 days and make it longer, this shouldn’t happen.


The team is aware of this issue - thanks for the report!