Resetting my games data

I own a game called “Yar” ( in which players earn blocks, build a boat and buy cargo, the games kind of like those old fashion build a boat to survive games that were everywhere in 2010-2014. Anyway the issue I face is this:

Right now, players advance by buying cargo which gives them higher rewards, such as more XP and Coins, with that the boxes in which you buy to earn blocks become increasingly easier to obtain, a player whos been in the game for 20-30 minutes could if they wanted to buy 10,000 blocks at next to no cost for them. With this, I’ve had to restrict how much players can build so that there isn’t a complete overload of blocks, but restricting what people can make completely takes the fun out of it for some people so I have a solution.

My solution is to introduce a new currency, this new currency will scale far less than the coins do, so players can buy cargo with the current “Coins” currency, which will scale at the same fast rate, but to get blocks it will take a lot longer and they will no longer be able to get thousands within minutes of gameplay because of how I plan on redoing scaling, because of this, players who currently have data will have to option to switch to the new system and no longer be limited on what they can build but at the cost of removing all there earned blocks, the expectation is if they own a “unlimited size” gamepass they will still keep everything because these players have paid a extra amount to build basically whatever they wanted (and its such a small % of users that it doesn’t effect the games performance greatly)

My worries about my solution is how the community will react, they all want more space but I don’t know how they will take having to re-earn the blocks at a slower rate, people I’ve talked to a supportive but I don’t know if a lot of players will even be able to understand this change so I’ve come to the dev forum to help me with doing this right, or, talking me out of it completely if what I’m proposing would destroy my player base.

Edit: To clarify by scaling, the first box costs 30 coins, making it require some save up at early levels of the game, by level 20, you get thousands of coins that the 30 becomes essentially nothing making it extremely easy to obtain thousands of those blocks. By slowing down scaling I mean I would add another currency that goes up WAY slower, so that the starter box still has somewhat of a impact on a extremely rich players economy

My suggestion - when players join the game, remove their blocks but compensate them with the new rate of currency. You could add a dialog or somesuch in your game that says something along the lines of “Oh no, a fire destroyed your blocks! Luckily, our insurance covered it” or something of the likes.

This way, you aren’t actively punishing players for your mistakes - players get fairly compensated with the new equivalent currency, and you can seamlessly do it by actually making your mistake a part of the game’s story/progression.

For a real world AAA example of this, take a look at Destiny 2, by Bungie. They have what is called a “Weekly reset”, where all earnable in-game items are removed from your inventory when you log in, and it is in turn exchanged for a currency (typically glimmer or legend shards). This way, Bungie avoids stacking issues for situations like this, and it forces players to make use of the materials or items that they earned, keeping inventory bloat down.


Wow thats actually a really good idea, I never considered doing that