Resetting password on Roblox website on secondary device does not log you out of the DevForum on primary device

Detailed description of bug & when it started happening (general timeline):
Today, August 8th, 2022 around 1PM AST, I reset my password because a banner popped up saying my password appeared in a data leak. Obviously, this is a threat to my account’s security so I reset my password. When I opened the DevForum on my PC, I noticed I was logged out of my account on the Roblox website as normal, but I was still logged in to the DevForum. I can access my notifications, make posts (eg. this one), and more, it isn’t a simple visual bug.

Screenshots and videos of the bug
I don’t really know how to show the bug effectively but I’ll try my best. I just reset my password at about 2:30 PM AST, it is now 2:32 and I’m logged out of the Roblox website but I’m still logged in on the DevForum

Device 1, my main PC

Device 2, my phone. Tab on the left I’m logged out, tab on the right I’m logged in to the DevForum. Note I opened both of these tabs after changing my password, as well as refreshed the DevForum page and I’m still authenticated.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
You’ll need two devices for this:
On device 1 and device 2, log in to Roblox. On device 2, make sure you’re logged in and authenticated on the DevForum.
On device 1, change your password.
On device 2, refresh the DevForum, you should still be authenticated. This is where the bug happens.
On device 2, refresh the actual Roblox website, you should be logged out. This should happen on the DevForum as well but it doesn’t.


Moving to #forum-help:forum-features, this is not a bug but a lack of a feature.