Resize tool help

First of all sorry if it’s the wrong category if it is tell me so I can change it.
So guys i know this isn’t my script but I had this free model of this old robox gear basically the resize tool that basically resizes parts what I want to achieve is to make other players see and interact whit the resized part because as of now I think it’s local and only the player that resizes the part can interact whit it and see it

The issue is that i don’t know when I can use studio and at the moment and I don’t know how to fix it because I don’t remember if it was a local script or not so please could U guys review the script and see what is wrong and what possible solution there are

So yea i tried searched on YouTube and stuff but nothing would come up as a solution so I’m referring to the dev forum right now.

You could have it so that when the player is done resizing the part you send the size of the part thru a RemoteEvent and change the size of that part on the server.