Resizing a R6 Character With Accessories Parented To It Will Result in Said Character Getting Shifted Upwards

So, I found the following bug regarding the resize tool, what happens is that if you attempt to resize a R6 Character using the old pre-LUA daggers, the character will get shifted upwards, and for some reason, you will not be able to undo this.

I can reproduce it 100% of the time by performing these steps:

  • Create a R6 character (be it with the Rig Builder, by inserting a existing rig via the toolbox or making a rig myself)
  • Add a existing accessory (I have not yet tested with older hats) to the rig.
  • Select the rig and try to resize it using the “SCALE”/“Resize” tool.

Additional information:

  • I have been not able to recreate the issue with R15/Rthro rigs, this only seem to affect R6 rigs.
  • Lua Draggers don’t seem to be affected by this.
  • I cannot find a precise version or date when this started happening.
  • The issue happens 100% of the time.

The behavior to be expected is that the rig will get resized accordingly along with the accessories, though what happens is that the rig will get shifted and whenever this happen, it cannot be undone.

I have not tried to see if this happens with the Lua Dragger tools.

A repro file will be provided here: Char_Scale_bug_repro.rbxl (22.1 KB)

EDIT: Added video footage of the issue, this time with another affected model:

Bugged_Model.rbxm (11.1 KB)