Resizing texture for pixels to be 0.2 studs

my texture is 16x16 and im trying to figure out so that each pixel is equal to 0.2 studs


The answer to your “troll” question is: 3.2 StudsPerTile.

I guess, I’ll tell you how I got this value:

Current Data:
TextureSize: 16x16 or 16
PixelsPerStuds = 0.2

To Find:
Studs per tile.

StudsPerTile (SPT) = TextureSize (TS) x PixelPerStuds (PPS)
SPT = 16 x 0.2
SPT = 16 x 1/5
SPT = 16/5
SPT = 3.2

We need a StudsPerTile amount of 3.2 to get one pixel every 0.2 studs for a texture of size 16x16 or just 16.

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not a troll im actually a dumbass but thanks

Well okay then lol. Don’t abuse though as it is against the rules. Don’t worry about being stupid though, you are not alone. (It’s me)

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