Resolution Change via VGA Crashes Studio

A bit of background info: The game I am making is a gui game that uses scale instead of offset for gui sizes so I have to keep testing it at different resolutions. Currently I have my 720p laptop plugged into my 1080p monitor via VGA cable.

The issue that I’ve been having is that when I unplug my VGA cable from my laptop in order to make all my windows move to my laptop screen, Roblox studio is the only thing that stops working. Everything else picks up where it left off in about a second but studio gives me an error that says “Error creating vertex declaration: 8876086c.” Yes I know people will say that I should just drag the window onto that screen but this is still a problem. When that error appears, after clicking ‘okay’ studio will just seize up, you can still hover over buttons and get the effects but everything becomes greyscale and studio will not recover. Nothing can be selected or clicked, but the hover effects are still present. The only way to close out of it was to close it through task manager. I tried this a second time to see if it was just a fluke but I got the same results.