Resolution of sent/received screenshots are very low

When taking a screenshot of anything and post it on the forum, the resolution is lowered.


This is what I see when I look at screenshots

Reproduction Steps

  1. Take a screenshot of anything.

  2. Upload it to the developer forum.

Impact: Medium

Frequency: Constantly

Date First Experienced: 9-25-2021 8:24 AM

Date Last Experienced: 9-25-2021 5:19 PM


The screenshots seem mostly fine on my end.

Yeah, this bug appears for seemingly random people. I’ve seen people have this same problem. What browser are you using?

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I’m using firefox version 92.0.1.

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Seems like more of an optimization than a bug. Zooming in (clicking/tapping) shows the photo in full resolution.

The resolution is still very low for me when zooming in.

The developer forum says the image has a lower resolution than usual.


Most likely because the photo is actually of that resolution? If you look at the last photo, it’s in 1920x1080 (which I’m assuming is your monitor resolution). If you’re capturing and snipping your photos they’re going to come out as lower quality (less pixels). Could you try zooming in on the last one and telling me your results?

Your actually correct, but wouldn’t the screenshot still be in 1920 x 1080 when using the Roblox Studio screenshot button? I’m not capturing and snipping any of my Roblox Studio screenshots.


Another thing to add. When I open the screenshot from it’s file location, the resolution looks perfect.

It happens to me all the time. I do GFX, and for my portfolio, I had to take a screenshot of one of my GFX because the file was too large otherwise, and now people think I don’t take the time to denoise my images because of this.

Besides, I didn’t “snip”, or edit any of the sizes on the image, it just came out low quality.

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I seriously doubt this is a bug. It’s probably some form of built in system.

It must’ve been a new update then. This has never happened to me before.

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Potentially, I do feel like the forum could be more transparent about what happens. Or maybe, you never noticed it.


Everything looks fine. It’s probably an internet issue.

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The forum compresses images that are over certain criteria. It’s normal that some images will become lower quality for faster loading and storage optimizations.


Your screenshots are perfectly legible to me. Is it actually a problem they are lower resolution?

For portfolios etc you probably want to use Talent Hub and/or dedicated art uploading/gallery site instead.

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You may be right. The screenshots still look low quality when I’m on a different device and browser.

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Discourse sometimes applies a compression strategy on larger images to save space, this is intended.

Are you having issues with the images posted here, can you elaborate on your use cases please? As others have said above if you need large, original quality images it would be better to not use the developer forum for this use case.


Was this a recent update?

It’s primarily for sending more professional screenshots when asking for feedback on things, but using a different method to provide high resolution screenshots isn’t too hard anyway.

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No, this has been active for years.

I see, I’m not entirely sure I follow why the images in the first post here are not suitable for getting feedback on. Do you have a hard need for original quality detail to achieve this use case? They seem easy to read for me currently.

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