[RESOLVED] [FE Gun Kit] How do I make the guns work on controller?

!How To Fix it: Replace R1 with R2 same goes with L1 and L2!

Hello, I am new to Roblox Studio and I am currently working on a game called: Just Cause Chaos: Remastered and I want to make it compatible for all devices
Just Cause Chaos Testing place - Roblox?
(Its Private)

None of the controls work on Controller but work on PC and Mobile

I have looked everywhere on YouTube and the DevForum and couldn’t find a solution

Heres a video of me trying to use any of the guns on xbox:

Yes I am aware this code block exists but it seems to not work


ive been also struggling with this pls lmk if you find out !


Sorry for the bump but please tell me how to do this

How did you fix this issue? Please explain!

To resolve press “ctrl/cmd + F” then type “Enum.KeyCode.ButtonR1/L1” then replace with it with “Enum.KeyCode.ButtonR2/L2” but this should be fixed for the newest FE Update.

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