[Resolved] Jittery vehicle :Lerp camera

I’m trying to make a vehicle camera inspired by some racing games, and it is working how I wanted, however I haven’t been able to fix the “jittery” effect of the camera.

I’ve looked through a few forums but none have answers, only one does but I couldn’t understand it.

I am using :Lerp() to do my camera and delta time is used.

If you are using run service, are you using Heartbeat or Stepped the connect the function, if you are using Heartbeat then change it to Stepped

I am using RenderStepped because that made the most sense to me, I did tried switching to Stepped but it didn’t do much either.

Nevermind, it apparently was the way I was calculating the action camera’s position and because of the car’s speed constantly slightly changing it was another cause of the jittery effect, Stepped did solved it.