[RESOLVED] (Skinned MeshParts) Deformation R15 parts not joined

Hello everyone !

I’m having a little problem with my character. Indeed it is about an R15 that I made on Blender and which is associated with a rig. The different parts of the character are deformed by detaching from each other or I would like them to deform as if it were a single mesh.

Does anyone know how to do this? I know it’s possible the roblox example (Lola) works perfectly but I couldn’t find out why

What i have :

What i want :


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If your 3D software is doing that then it means that it can not find attached faces there. You will need to edit the topology to fill in any gaps.

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Was the head separated from the body in regards to topology?

Similar to what @Sentross mentioned, you will have to go into edit mode and fill in any gaps you may have. You can do this easily by selecting the top/bottom edge of where a face should be, and then by hitting F.

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UPDATE: This is the way to go about solving the problem I stated.

First you make your character with a single block and you rig it.

Once the rig is finished you can separate all the members. You must not attach the limbs to the rig afterwards. You must first attach the entire mesh to the rig. This is where the problem was (I think it all worked for me)

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