[RESOLVED] Studio Asset Error Bug - Causes Features in the Game to Break


Repeatedly over the past few days I have experienced a reoccurring bug when I Save, Exit & Reopen and Reopen a studio build. Before I dive into the bug I’ve include both a snippet and a text copy of the bug I receive in the Studio Output upon reopening the build in edit mode.


11:24:30.802 - Connecting to server…
11:24:35.252 - Connecting to
11:24:36.463 - Connection accepted from|65368
11:24:36.826 - ClassDescriptor failed to learn ThumbnailGenerator
11:24:39.177 - Could not fetch Scripts/CollisionDetection: HTTP 409 (HTTP/1.1 409 User is not authorized to access Asset.)
11:24:39.181 - Could not fetch Scripts/FireGun: HTTP 409 (HTTP/1.1 409 User is not authorized to access Asset.)
11:24:39.183 - Could not fetch Scripts/qPerfectionWeld: HTTP 409 (HTTP/1.1 409 User is not authorized to access Asset.)

Bug Description/Impact
Since Saturday morning I’ve experienced this bug almost every time I open a specific game in studio. I have not been able to replicate it to other places/games. It appears related to Studio looking for a core script that either no longer exists or I am unable to access.

For the sake of troubleshooting I went through the basic resolution steps: Neither restarting nor reinstalling the Studio application resolves the issue. Nor does logging out and back in to my Roblox account within studio. After restarting my computer the bug persisted.

If I open the game and see this error, about half of the GUIs in my game become completely irresponsive to mouse input (click, touch, etc.) regardless of whether or not the button has a script in it. Saving this game then breaks the game if I were to go into a live server of the game - where the same GUI mouse input error then persists.

Current Solution:
The only way I can resolve this bug is by restoring the game to a previous version. While this resolves the issue, it seems like there is a 50/50 chance that saving the game again will cause the bug to reappear - meaning that I have to restore the game again and get rid of recent progress.

I tried to refrain from publishing a thread on the issue but cannot seem to resolve it on my own and it is greatly impacting development since I have to routinely revert back to old versions of the game (sometimes days old) just to get rid of the bug.

If anyone else is experiencing, or has experienced, this bug feel free to comment below. Any troubleshooting tips are greatly appreciated!

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I’m an idiot. The GUI mouse input error was due to my accidently putting GUIs into folders when I was moving things around, which broke those GUIs.

Side Note: Not sure why I keep getting the access errors though.