[resolved] [thanks]

[resolved] [thank you]

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If its client to server side issues, you can just create/play the animation on the client and it should replicate to the server without creating the animation on the server.

Just have an animation instance ready (I dont know if creating one within local works but :man_shrugging: testing is nice)

Load animation into humanoid as normal on client
Play on client and it should replicate to server if I’m not wrong.

Also, this is the wrong place to post this, next time, just try asking again on the same post or attempt it again at different angles.

This is not the appropriate manner on how to get assistance for a problem, no one on this forum is required to give you advice, we are not paid to do so.


Woah, woah relax there. Don’t need to get rude about it. Be patient man, tell us your issue please and we will help.

Roblox Support will generally direct you to this forum for bug reports / development advice so you won’t achieve much.

Roblox CS moderators arent specialized in development.

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Eventually if you get to the point where no one can answer your question then yes definitely email Roblox.

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You can post job offer in #collaboration:recruitment
If you cant find any help related to it.

Do you have the link to that post? I’d like to see it.

Apologies if I came across as rude to anyone. Any frustrations that I may have displayed is entirely inward at the problem, not directed at anyone on this forum. This problem has been occurring for weeks now and I’ve truly tried everything I can think of, so I am a undeniably very frustrated at this point. This is not an indirect of getting help, I really am just lost and don’t know my next step to take. Again, apologies for any offense caused to anyone!

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Everything I run is on client side. All animations I run on client work. Except for these 3 animations which involve arm’s “slashing” as an attack. And apologies if I asked in the wrong place, I wasn’t entirely sure.

It’s ok, I understand your frustration. Happens all the time to programmers. When you are trying to get something done, it happens. All good brother :slight_smile:

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Appreciate that! I’ll try to be more zen with more frustrations next time! Thanks for being understanding.

Anytime I fell your struggles, happens to me sometimes. We all make mistakes :smiley:

What is not working correctly?

The animation would not play on the client it is fired on. I think I have finally found the problem, but I don’t understand why. I would have a script that checks the animation length while I play the animation. However, these functions weren’t connected, I measured it by the longest animation track, making a new animation. I’ve removed this function and found an alternative, and now the animation works on the client also. I pray this is the last issue I have with this.