[RESOLVED] Why is my animation different when I run it?

Hi! I made an animation for a shotgun. This is how it’s supposed to look like on reload:

But this is the result when I run it (tested it with a proximity prompt):

It’s not the leg. It’s the movement of the left arm and reload part.

If you can fix this, it would be very appreciating.

@LiljayGamer_X Hi good mate it looks fine but what are you trying to improve with his left arm?
Be careful it might drop off Lol

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Look closely at each video and you’ll see something’s wrong (best to put it in slow motion).

Can you check the animation you’ve made again? I think you’ve done something wrong in the animation.

Well I got to say good luck! On your animations I still don’t get it!?

That’s ok, I fixed the problem. Thanks for your help though.

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